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The best!

Tons of fruit, lots of high quality nuts (which I eat as I’m pouring it into the bowl they taste so good). It’s a really great quality muesli. It is unsweetened, and actually feels healthy compared to the vast majority of mueslis I’ve tried. The high protein product is my favourite so far, especially the walnuts.


Loved the Café Style

I was at a friend’s house last week and she had some of this for breakfast and offered some to me. I was blown away. Not only was this the best muesli I had ever tasted, it was made with no additives, no added sugar, nothing artificial. As is all muesli, it’s fairly calorie-dense, but you only need to eat a small amount of it in the morning to satisfy and energize your body. Before I left I asked where she bought it and asked her to get me some. I know make sure I remember to jump online and order some as I miss it if I don’t have any for a few days.


Does not disappoint!

I tried this based off a suggestion from a friend and now I eat it almost every morning! As a marathon runner, it is important I eat a healthy, balanced breakfast to properly fuel for the day post exercising. This does not disappoint! I usually top it with have a banana and a dash of cinnamon and it is delicious and keeps me feeling full. I like to let it soak in the milk (both almond and dairy milk taste great with it) for about 30 minutes prior to eating. The banana chunks and whole nuts are amazing! Stop reading reviews and just buy it!


Best tasting!

I have tried many different brands of Muesli, and Mix My Muesli is BY FAR the best tasting! If you’re searching for a healthy breakfast alternative (with ingredients you can pronounce), this is it. How often does something this good for you taste as sinfully good as the gluten free mix! Love it! Thanks


The taste is amazing

I am not normally a muesli eater, but after trying this Goji Berry muesli, I think that I will become one. This is so good, my only fear is eating the whole cylinder in one sitting. The taste is amazing, not too sweet, but delicious enough to think it is a treat. I also love the sexy look of the packaging too.


This is my favorite cereal!

This Muesli is packed full of flavor and a variety of healthy grains and plant protein. It is low in sugar, sodium and contains reasonable calories if you measure your serving. I am so disappointed this has not sold in the major supermarkets, but a big “thank you” to IGA for carrying this product.


Delicious products!

I just wanted to say thank you for your delicious products. My wife and I have been  really loving the muesli and being into the gym, we enjoy it for breakfast every day with our favourite yoghurt. We are fussy with our food as we eat as close to natural food as possible. We love that all your products are all natural and contain less sugar than many others on the market. My wife actually loves your low fat mix with all the different grains and the chunks of mango. Thanks again.


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