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If you’re looking for a fantastic gift, consider these ingredients: HEALTHY, UNIQUE, FLEXIBLE, DIFFERENT, INEXPENSIVE, LASTS FOREVER

Mix all that together, and do you know what you have? A Mix My Muesli Gift Certificate! It’s a great gift idea that offers plenty of versatility.

Our Gift Certificates begin at only $20.00. They can be used partially (a bit at a time, so they don’t have to be spent all at once), and they never expire, which means they’re good forever!

There are two different ways you can arrange for a Gift Certificate.

If you want to present the Gift Certificate personally, enter your email address into the Sender Email and Recipient Email fields. This means we’ll email you the Gift Certificate as a .pdf attachment, which can be printed out using Adobe Acrobat Reader. So, print it out, wrap it up, and present it to your lucky recipient personally!

Otherwise, enter your email address in the Sender Email field, enter the recipient’s email address in the Recipient Email field, and the Gift Certificate will automatically be emailed to them.

Simply fill out the details in the form below and click “Add to Cart”. Once you complete your purchase you will receive an email with your Gift Certificate attached.


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