Check out our Healthy Start Range. There’s a mix to help you achieve all your health and fitness goals, including our High Protein, Gluten Free Deluxe, Goji Berry Anti-Oxidant, Organic Super Grains, Cafe Style, Runner’s Mix & Exotic Low Fat.


Shop Right From the Comfort of Your Own Home

“I just love the convenience of being able to shop and or even create my own muesli whilst sitting on my couch. It’s so easy and I don’t have to read the label of every muesli pack to find out what’s in it. I just pick the things I want and press a button. Thanks guys I love it!”



Delivered Right to Your Door

“Hey guys, just wanted to say thanks for getting my muesli to me so quickly! Ordered it on Monday and it’s here already on Wednesday, perfect!”

Sasha from Chelsea


So Packed with Nuts and Fruits You’ll Save Big Time

“I’m actually amazed at how much money and time I save buying your Hi Protein blend. I used to have to add a heap of nuts or fruit to my muesli or cereal, but your Hi Protein blend is so packed with nuts I don’t have to add a thing. I’ve never seen Walnuts or Pistachio’s from any muesli I’ve bought from Coles or Woolies before, but this blend is full of them. Cheers!”

Ben, Freemantle WA


Our ‘on the go’ 70g packs are perfect to throw in your bag, in the car or at your desk to make sure you never run out of your favourite muesli. Just add milk or yoghurt.


Our 35g ‘No Added Sugar’ muesli bars will be coming soon,